Search warrants unsealed in Altria executive’s disappearance

Posted at 1:23 PM, Dec 27, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-27 18:49:43-05

CHESTERFIELD (WTVR) - Court documents in the case of an Altria executive missing for more than eight months ago were unsealed Thursday and they show she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend.

The documents also indicate what was taken from the home and a car during a police investigation into the missing person case of Leyla Namiranian. 

A statement from a friend of Namiranian about an ex-boyfriend led police to question Michael Anthony Edwards of Richmond.

Search warrants state the couple had broken up a few months prior to Namiranian's disappearance and according to the friend named in the documents, Edwards did not take it well.

A woman described as one of Namiranian's close friends alerted police that she did not show up to work on April 5, for high-profile meetings she would not have missed.

The court documents go on to say that friend told police Namiranian and her ex-boyfriend had been in several arguments after they broke up. One of those arguments even turned physical.

Namiranian told her friend her ex-boyfriend choked her. Namiranian's friend goes on to say Edwards told Namiranian, "Someday i'll see you out in the street and I'm going to get you."

The affidavit states between the time Namiranain was last seen and was reported missing the next day, a neighbor saw a man walking towards her home, through her front yard around 5 a.m.

Officers executing a search warrant found a journal belonging to Namiranian.
One entry in it described her fear of her ex-boyfriend, according to the court documents.

Police also impounded a 2002 Cadillac car that's connected to the case.
The search warrant states they found cleaning supplies, duct tape, and towels inside.

Michael Anthony Edwards is only a person of interest in this case according to police.