Woman’s diagnosed with stroke after sending jumbled texts

Posted at 10:56 AM, Dec 26, 2012

BOSTON, Mass. — A recent journal article appearing in the Harvard Medical School’s “Archives of Neurology reveals the story of a pregnant woman who was sent to the hospital by her husband after she sent a series of nonsensical text messages.

Those messages, according to Fox News, read, ”every where thinging days nighing” and ”Some is where!”

While many people use the auto-correct function, which can sometimes scramble words, this man knew his wife didn’t use that function.

When he realized there was something wrong, he sent his pregnant wife to the hospital where she was quickly diagnosed with a mild stroke. She was given blood thinners and nursed back to health with no complications.

Doctors coined the term “Dystextia” to describe the incident, and say more cases like this are likely in years to come.

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