Parents split on idea to allow guns in schools

Posted at 12:49 PM, Dec 19, 2012

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) -- Guns on Virginia's school campuses is an option Governor Bob McDonnell said should be discussed, following the deadly school shooting in Connecticut. 

"If you look at the facts at least from what they’ve been reporting in Connecticut, when this perpetrator went into the principal’s office apparently and actually killed the principal who was lunging – according to the facts that have come out so far – at the perpetrator heroically to try to stop him," Governor McDonnell said Tuesday.  "If a person like that was armed and trained could they have stopped the carnage in the classroom? Perhaps."

However not everyone agrees with the governor.  Several local parents who spoke with CBS 6 off camera are split on the idea.  Sheba Muhammad is a mother of five and a grandmother of seven.  She feels allowing guns in schools may not be the best option.

"You might be safer, but in the long run I don't know because we have so many accidents with guns," Muhammad said.

Governor McDonnell joins the governor of Texas and several legislators across the country, embracing the idea of arming adults in schools.

Already this week, McDonnell issued an executive order to create a school task force to review school safety in Virginia schools.