Driver’s mistake causes gas leak, shuts down businesses

Posted at 1:17 PM, Dec 19, 2012
and last updated 2013-01-09 18:33:25-05

CHESTER, Va. (WTVR) -One driver's mistake leads to the evacuation of several Chesterfield businesses.

Chesterfield Fire and EMS Lt. Jason Elmore said an elderly driver accidentally jumped a curb this morning, causing her car to hit side of the Great Clips in the Shoppes at Bellgrade.

The force of the crash severed a gas line.

As a result, nearly 60 people were taken to safety as the Kmart, Poppa Grande Mexican Restaurant, Tropical Smoothie and Radio Shack were evacuated, Elmore said.

Crews had to dig into the cement to get to the pipe and cut the gas.

No one was hurt and the crash caused only minor damage.

Police said charges will not be filed against the driver.