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Woman puts cat in car then realizes it’s a bobcat

Posted at 12:31 AM, Dec 14, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-14 00:34:32-05
Bobcat: Photo Courtesy of Bangor Police Department

Bobcat: Photo Courtesy of Bangor Police Department

BANGOR, Maine. (WTVR)–A woman in Maine got quite a surprise when she picked up what she thought was a house cat–that turned out to be a bobcat.

She says she realized that the four-foot long, 30-pound “kitty” was actually a bobcat when it woke up while she was driving. She had placed the animal in her vehicle after her car struck it and she thought it was an injured housecat. 

The Bangor Police Department says she realized it wasn’t a bobcat and got out of the car. The animal then followed her when she jumped out of her vehicle.

After the Maine Game Warden caught the bobcat they say they had to euthanize it because it was dying and in pain.  

Bangor Maine Police Departmentposted the actual complaint on their Facebook page. 

It reads as follows, with the complainants name redacted:

While on routine patrol I observed 

a vehicle stopped on Harlow Street by city hall with the hazard lights activated. I observed 3 people standing next to the vehicle and spoke with the female driver and only occupant, ———————–. 
—————— told me that was driving from Veazie towards Bangor and struck a cat
with her vehicle. She said that the cat was seriously injured or deceased and
she put the cat inside of her van.
——————— told me that while driving the cat became alert and she realized that the cat was actually a bobcat. —————— told me that she got out of her vehicle, followed by the bobcat which is now under her vehicle. Sgts Robert Bishop, Larry Weber and Officer Gary Decker arrived. Sgt Bishop used a catch pole to secure the bobcat until Maine Game Warden Fahey arrived and took control of the animal.