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Hollywood sign now completely rehabbed

Posted at 6:57 PM, Dec 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-04 20:30:54-05

HOLLYWOOD, California (WTVR)–The iconic land-mark on top of Mount Lee in Hollywood Hills has just under-gone an extensive make-over.

Like many a famous celebrity, the famous Hollywood sign is out of re-hab and now looking a lot better.

The 89-year-old sign just had its own facelift; its biggest in thirty years.  It took $175,000 dollars to spruce up the sign.

Most of the expense–$140,000 dollars of the tab—was picked up by Sherman-Williams.

Every letter took about 100 gallons of paint; or 800 gallons in all. It took nine weeks to complete the painting of all eight 50-foot tall letters.

The sign itself has made less than 100 appearances in various movies, TV shows and video games,  according to a fan-site for the sign.

That might seem low, considering how many movies have been made, and how old the sign is—first erected in 1923.

The site explains that Hollywood, in the mainstream imagination, is a place where movies are more often made, not a place where plots play out on film.

The sign made its screen debut in 1935, starring in “Hollywood Boulevard.” The sign originally said “HollywoodLand.”