New American Girl dolls come with hearing aids, allergen-free lunches

Posted at 9:09 AM, Nov 29, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-29 09:09:39-05

(WTVR) - This holiday season, some kids will be getting dolls with hearing aids and allergy-free lunches. American Girl has launched a new series of accessories for their dolls aimed at making their dolls more relatable.

The high end doll line sells an "allergy free lunch" accessory kit, complete with a medical bracelet and allergy stickers, as well as a faux allergy shot, "just in case".

Earlier this year the company also began manufacturing bald dolls for children suffering from hair loss. They posted a message on their Facebook page explaining how having dolls that look like they do can make children feel more accepted.

"For more than a year, American Girl has been hard at work developing a doll without hair option for girls affected by cancer, alopecia, or any medical condition causing hair loss....the new dolls provide even more possibilities for a girl to create a friend that’s as unique as she is."

American Girl dolls come in multitude of skin tones and hair types, and can be customized to wear braces or sit in wheelchairs.

American Girl isn't the first to capitalize on the idea. Build-A-Bear Workshop, also offers toy hearing aids.

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