Stressed out? Consider dropping some Facebook friends

Posted at 8:32 AM, Nov 28, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-28 08:32:07-05

(WTVR) – A new report by the University of Edinburgh says that the friends and circles you’re connected to online could be a major source of stress.

The University of Edinburgh Business School says that adding too many friends, in particular employers or parents,  causes the greatest increase in anxiety.

They say it starts when a user begins to present a version of themselves that may be unacceptable to friends online such as swearing, drinking and smoking.

Things also change when it comes to expectations between children and their parents. The study says nearly 55 percent of parents follow their children on Facebook.

On average, Facebook users are friends with several different social circles. Those groups include friends known offline, online, extended family, siblings, friends of friends and colleagues.

One of the more surprising findings from the report was that more people on Facebook are friends with former partners than with their current relationship partner. Only 56 percent of users were friends with their current partner or spouse, compared to 64 percent of exes.

The report surveyed 300 people on Facebook, mostly students with an average age of 21.