The best Election Night tweets

Posted at 7:11 AM, Nov 07, 2012
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By Brandon Griggs and Heather Kelly

(CNN) — Election day was filled with genuine emotions on Twitter, following months of sharp exchanges, too many jokes to count and memes. So many memes. Tuesday had its tense moments and also bursts of joy and disappointment.

We’ve collected some of the best to highlight the roller coaster that was this Election Day.

When the election was finally called for Obama, Twitter blew up.

Twitter Government — Peak to 327k TPM following @BarackObama’s re-election was by far the most-tweeted moment of #Election2012.

Adam Britten — Amazing that @BarackObama is basically acknowledging he won on Twitter before anywhere else. #election2012

John Boehner ‏– Thank you to Mitt, Paul, & their families for carrying banner of our party & principles w/strength, grace, & courage

Gov. Mike Huckabee ‏– Tonight’s results only remind me that our country has slipped into a deeper state of dependence on govt

Donald J. Trump — He lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country!

Tyler Oakley — I’m sorry, @MittRomney, you’re no longer in the running to become America’s Next Top President.

Big Bird — Mitt Romney still deciding which Mitt Romney will deliver Mitt Romney’s concession speech. #Election2012


Of course, Obama wasn’t the only winner of the night. Tammy Baldwin was elected the first openly gay senator and Elizabeth Warren won her Senate race in Massachusetts. Maine and Maryland voted to legalize gay marriage, and Colorado and Washington voted to legalize recreational marijuana.

Jonny Dorsey — Tammy Baldwin! In 2008 my friends and I cried after Prop 8 passed. Today the USA has an LGBT Senator. Change coming.

Tammy Baldwin — I didn’t run to make history. I ran to make a difference. #WIsen #Tammy2012

Erica Williams — Tammy Baldwin, Elizabeth Warren and now Claire McCaskill…Looks like we’re filling up our #binderfullofwomen tonight.

Ezra Klein — I remember when Elizabeth Warren was just some obscure academic with some interesting ideas on consumer regulation.

Streeter Seidell — Legal weed, gay marriage and a black president – take THAT, grandma!

Brent Black — So a bunch of states have voted for gay marriage and legal marijuana. America is slowly learning how to party.

nascarcasm — Colorado voted to legalize marijuana, because apparently being a mile high already just isn’t quite high enough. #election2012

Earlier in the day, people shared photos of I Voted stickers, but also voiced concerns about long lines and faulty machines.

Diama Gabriel — I have to say that the #voting process in #Florida is a dissaster. 3 hours in line and I’m still waiting

Janice Nolen — One hour and still waiting to #vote in DC. Women fought 75 years to be able to vote. No problem with standing in line one hour.

New York Times electoral number-cruncher Nate Silver, whose predictions proved spot on, was a popular topic.

Kevin Roose — Nate Silver, drunk in the newsroom later tonight: “More like FiveThirtyGREAT, AM I RIGHT?!”

Nate Silver 2.0 [parody account] — Molten variables hiss and roar. On my mind-forge, I hammer them into the greatsword Epistemology. Many are my foes this night.

Jeffrey Goldberg — If Nate Silver is right, does this also mean that the climate is, in fact, changing, and that the earth is more than 6,000 years old?

Nate Silver — This is probably a good time to link to my book:

But most of the night was spent in suspense waiting, watching results roll in state by state, and cracking jokes.

benhuh — Tonight, I celebrate the reelection of Twitter. 4 MORE CHARACTERS!

david carr — A close national election is an odd weave of adrenaline and boredom. Nothing else like it.

Mike Drucker — We’re now at the part of the election that feels like watching a really long pregnancy test.

Jordan Cohen — 9:27pm, not a meme in sight.

Andy Borowitz ‏– It’s still early on cable news, but words have opened up a big lead over information. #Election2012 #vote2012 #election

Rachel Streitfeld ‏– Romney has only one speech written tonight: a victory speech, and as of now it’s 1,118-words long.

Nick Confessore ‏– I mean okay, I guess we can just wait to see how people voted. Fine.

Andrew Kaczynski ‏– I’m looking at my poll countdown clocks like Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day.

Mia Aquino ‏– Halo 4. Alas, not tonight…

Jason Gay ‏– Everyone’s excitedly watching TV news at 7 PM. We are all 82 years old.

Ryan Teague Beckwith ‏– It’s so cute how they let these nonswing states vote. And CNN and everyone calls them and everything!

Justin Stangel ‏– Fox News reports: Mitt Romney 100% Obama 0% #election2012

Al Gore ‏– We have the ability to let everyone who is eligible to vote vote & we need a bipartisan effort to make it happen. #Election2012 #Current2012

Eric Stangel ‏– NBC just declared The Cayman Islands for Mitt Romney… #Election2012

daniel tosh — good luck today Florida! try not to pull a “Florida”

Anthony De Rosa ‏– Florida, you’re gonna give me a heart attack

Faux John Madden — BREAKING: Apple Maps projecting Barack Obama to win Brazil.

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