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Woman survives terrifying run-in with police impersonators

Posted at 10:55 PM, Oct 31, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-31 22:55:02-04

POINSETT COUNTY, AR (WMC) – An Arkansas woman that says she was stopped by police impersonators on a highway is crediting her boyfriend for saving her life.

"I just took off. I didn't know what to do to do," the woman told WMC-TV's Janice Broach. "I was scared. I never had anything like that happen before." 

This 19-year-old woman, who is so scared she does not want to be identified, said it happened very early Sunday morning when it was still dark and she was driving back to her family's home in Poinsett County. 

Two men were in a white Crown Victoria that looked like a police car with a spotlight and a flashing blue light on the dash. 

"They were already right behind me, like right on me. And they kept following me," she said. 

The woman said she had just left her boyfriend's apartment in Jonesboro. She stopped at that light and turned interior lights of her car on.  That's where she thinks the suspects may have spotted her. 

"That's when I finally made a call to my boyfriend because I was scared," she said. 

That's when her boyfriend gave her possibly life-saving advice: lock the doors and do not roll the window down all the way.

And it's a good thing she used that advice when she finally pulled over on a deserted road near a cotton field. Moments later, a man walked up to her driver's side window. 

"I rolled the window down a little bit and I said, 'Is there a problem?' He said, 'Yes. You need to get out of the vehicle,'" she said. "And I said, 'No.' And I looked because I heard someone trying to open my passenger door -- and I looked over there and there was someone else trying to open that."

She had spotted another man trying to bust into her vehicle, so she stepped on the gas and took off.

"If it hadn't been for my boyfriend telling me what to do I would have rolled my window all the way down and it could have ended a lot worse," she said.