Arrest of Chesterfield substitute teacher on child sex charges sends Twitter abuzz again

Posted at 11:02 PM, Oct 24, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-25 08:24:57-04

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va (WTVR)- Chesterfield Police announced the arrest of a now-former substitute teacher Anna Michelle Walters this afternoon.

She faces two felonies: Indecent liberties with a minor in custodial care and crimes against nature, or carnal knowledge.

The shocking sexual images and screen shots of text message conversations allegedly between a now Cosby High graduate and the former Chesterfield County substitute teacher clogged twitter feeds last week.   But those alleged acts were not the reason for Wednesday’s arrest.

“These charges are not related to the 18-year-old who made the twitter release," said Chesterfield Police Lt. Randy Horowitz.

But the two felonies and the news of her arrest were certainly filling the tweet nest Wednesday night.

“We received news that Ms. Walters had relationships with other juveniles,” said Horowitz.  “Our investigation indicates there was a student at Cosby, a minor, that she had an inappropriate relationship with on school property, after-hours."

Police say that relationship was physical and wouldn't release the age of the accuser.

"There's a mother and father out there, who certainly had higher dreams for their daughter, but now they're dashed,” said Cosby parent Tom McGrath.  He said it was a bad situation that others are making worse.

“I see a bad decision on the part of this young woman, but I don't really see a victim here.  16 -17 year olds,  high school age, these young men knew what they were doing."

But not so fast, say those familiar with such cases.  “Remember, she's innocent and the commonwealth has to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt,” said CBS 6 legal expert Todd Stone.   Stone says tweets, texts and Facebook messages certainly help cut down on the gray area of “he-said-she-said” investigations.

“Did the victim come out because of other allegations or are they comfortable now because it's out? he said.   “Or are they saying it to get attention?  We just don't know at this point."

Both felony charges that Anna Michelle Walters faces carry up to five years in prison along with a picture on the state sex offender registry upon conviction.