Attempted purse snatching leaves 89-year-old bloody, bruised and missing teeth

Posted at 7:19 PM, Oct 24, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-24 20:12:31-04

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va (WTVR) - She still has her stitches on her upper lip but said her bruises and scrapes are healing.

The 89-year-old is slowly recovering after being knocked down by two men, who police say were trying to steal her purse.

It happened Oct. 8, as she was walking along a sidewalk outside Southpark Mall.

A surveillance camera shows her walking by and then two men running towards her as a large SUV follows them.

The victim is knocked off the sidewalk onto the pavement, hitting face first.

The fall cracks three teeth and scratches her eyeglasses. She doesn't have the cash or insurance for repairs.

After hitting the pavement, she realizes there's a pool of blood and tries to get to her feet, the best she could do is get to her knees.

After a few minutes, she's helped to the curb and that's where police found her.

While her recovery is a slow process she hasn't let it stop her from venturing out.

In fact, she has already returned to Southpark Mall, a place she has been going to for years.

Colonial Heights Police ask if you have any information about this crime to call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.