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Driver boots child, mother off bus over smelly diaper

Posted at 1:08 PM, Oct 19, 2012

By Jamie Lynn

SEATTLE (KOMO) - A Seattle woman said she was kicked off a public bus Tuesday because her son had a stinky diaper.

"That's my only way of getting around," mother Nichole Hakimian said.

She and her one-year-old son Daniel boarded the bus to go to the doctor's office.

"And he had just pooped in his diaper as soon as I got on because he was having diarrhea," she explained. "And right after that she [the bus driver] told me that I needed to get off the bus. I said why is that? She said your baby smells really bad and it's not fair that we all have to smell that."

Hakimian said the driver stopped the bus and let her out roughly half a mile from the clinic. After she got off the bus, Hakimian said she found a place to change her son's diaper and then filed a complaint with the bus company.

King County Metro, the bus company, provided this statement:

Based on reports, this appears to be a very unique situation. Our goal is always to balance the comfort of all of our riders with providing good customer service. We are investigating the complaint and will get a report from the driver to confirm what happened and that proper procedures were followed.

The doctor diagnosed Daniel with a stomach flu.

King County Metro said the bus driver is a nine-year veteran with an excellent record. They said the driver feels terrible but had to look out for the other passengers.