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Texas mom dresses as daughter to catch Facebook predator

Posted at 6:02 PM, Oct 17, 2012

HARLINGEN, Texas — A mother of a 12-year-old girl felt something was wrong when an unidentified man tried to friend her daughter on facebook, so she disguised herself and discovered the man was a 29-year-old middle school teacher.

“He could have withdrawn from the situation many times,” the mom said.  “I gave him many chances to withdraw or to let him know that I was 12 and that my mom was asleep, and basically that he knew it was wrong.”

The mother didn’t want to identify herself in order to protect her daughter’s privacy.

She said she was searching through her daughter’s friend requests when she stumbled upon a request that had no photo, but came from a man who claimed his name was Freddy Love, and said he was a 20-year-old student.

Mom messaged the man and she says it quickly turned sexual.

“He was being very explicit about what he wanted done, which is (EXPLETIVE) and the positions, and things that a 12-year-old has no knowledge of,” she said. “After he asked me to sneak out, thinking that I was my daughter, that’s when I said, ‘I’m going to call the police and let them know.’”

The mother says she then set up a meeting with the man and disguised herself as the daughter. She wore a wig, hoodie and sneakers.

She says she met him at Wal-Mart and he told her to get into his car, and told her not to be scared.

Police were nearby, watching and reportedly stepped in when the mother opened the car door.

Police learned “Freddy” was really a 29-year-old middle school teacher, and charged Alfredo Hernandez with soliciting a minor. Hernandez has resigned from his teaching position.

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