High School students reenact Chris Brown-Rihanna fight at pep rally

Posted at 8:57 AM, Oct 17, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-17 08:57:11-04

(WETM) – A pep rally at a New York high school has come under fire after some students allegedly dressed up in blackface and reenacted the assault of singer Rihanna by Chris Brown.

A photo from the 30-second skit went viral after it was posted on C-N-N’s iReport. The picture was taken during a skit, where 3 Caucasian male students performed as part of Friday’s pep rally at Waverly High School.

The picture is now making national headlines after a Waverly alum uploaded the picture. The article had more than 50-thousand views since being posted Monday morning. Some are calling the skit racist and insensitive, while others say it’s no big deal. 

Students we spoke with say they don’t know anyone offended by the skit. The students say some teachers think the skit is inappropriate. Administrators within the district could not comment on whether the skit needed to be approved before it was performed.

Waverly Central School District officials are taking a closer look at what happened at the pep rally. The school superintendent met with administrators and plans to address the student body about the incident.