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Father threatens to shoot neighborhood speeders

Posted at 8:51 AM, Oct 15, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-15 08:51:17-04

By Mark Christian

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) -  A California father said he's fed up with speeders in his neighborhood. So he issued drivers a stern warning-- "If you hit my kid, you will be shot."

Mark Christian said he's warned his four-year-old son not to wander out into the street, but sometimes children do not listen.

"They don't get it, you tell them to stop and they just stare at you," Christian said. "They just keep going in the street, regardless of me being out here, it doesn't make a difference. You can tell them stop, stop, stop, they're kids."

Christian said in an effort to slow down drivers through his neighborhood, he put up a sign that threatened to shoot any driver who hit his child.

"Whether they slow down to read my sign, take offense to it, take it as a threat, I don't know what else to do just slow down," Christian said.

Not all of Christian's neighbors agree with the father's approach.

"That's a little extreme. I don't thing anybody should be shot," one neighbor said.

Christian said he does not intend to hurt anyone, he just wants drivers to slowdown. Police said Christan is not breaking any laws with the sign, however they do not t condone his method.