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Heroin and 10 lbs. of pot found in raid of Nelly’s tour bus

Posted at 3:50 PM, Oct 11, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-11 15:50:59-04

SIERRA BLANCA, TX (TMZ) – St. Louis rapper Nelly’s bus has been raided. Texas police officers found 36 bags of heroin and ten pounds of marijuana. They also found a loaded .45 gun.

The bus was traveling eastbound on I-10 on Wednesday at 8pm when it approached the U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint located in Sierra Blanca, Texas.

During a routine check of of US citizenship a police dog indicated the presence of concealed people or drugs near the bus door.  The bus was asked to pull over for further inspection. 

The dog found a cardboard box containing a plastic box with a total of ten pounds of marijuana and .64 ounces of heroin inside.

The seven people including Nelly were detained during the search. One of the passengers,  Brian Keith Jones, claimed the drugs belonged to him. He has been placed under arrest. Jones has been transported to the Hudspeth County jail and is currently awaiting a bond-hearing.  That hearing expected to take place Thursday or Friday.

Nelly aka Cornell Iral Haynes and five of the other passengers have been released.

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*written by

Joe Millitzer