Gun fired inside Regency Square Mall

Posted at 2:19 PM, Oct 08, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-09 00:35:08-04


Police are at Regency Square mall, in response to call for shots fired inside at the food court, said police. The call came in around 2 p.m., that shots had been fired at the mall, which is located at the 1400 block of Parham Road.

At that time, Lt. Linda Toney confirmed that there was a report of shots fired inside, at the food court. Shopper went into a panic, said witnesses who were on the scene.

Henrico Police Chief Doug Middleton said that once police arrived and investigated, they found that a shot was fired inside the bathroom adjacent to the food court. He said that there were some minor injuries, that possibly occurred in relation to the shot fired.

One woman was injured as she tried to escape the mall after the shot fired, and a swarm of people were rushing out of the doors.

Police said they are looking for two suspects. Suspect number one is a black male, 6'2" tall, with dreadlocks and was last seen wearing a red hoodie sweatshirt.

Suspect number two is seen in the photo.

Police believe that this was an arguement.

Right now police are going through the food court area, but Chief Middleton said they belief the shooter is no longer in the building.

Police are not sure what direction he took as he ran off, and are canvassing neighborhoods now.

Some employees are still locked inside the building, retained for questioning.

Dozens of shoppers were yelling and screaming as they exited the building. A 74-year-old woman has an ankle injury. A 20-year old man has a leg wound that police say could be bullet ricochet.

Regency has released a statement. It reads:

"We can confirm that a shot was fired in the wall near the restrooms this afternoon, resulting in one minor injury and we are fully cooperating with the Henrico County Police Department, who were on the scene immediately after the incident.

"And we would like to commend both our on-site security and the police for their quick actions to secure the area. The police are still on the scene, but the lockdown has been lifted and the mall is open for business as usual," Secille Siverio, the mall's marketing manager, said.

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