Rezoning could affect 11 Western Henrico elementary schools

Posted at 12:24 AM, Oct 05, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-05 00:24:46-04

HENRICO, Va. (WTVR)--A new elementary school will open in Henrico next year, but some parents are upset about the redistricting that will take place as a result. 

They voiced those concerns Thursday night at a meeting with school leaders.

Henrico Elementary School #9, as it is called right now, is just off Pouncey Tract Road.

It will open in the fall of 2013, but drawing the lines to decide who will go there could affect 11 elementary schools throughout Western Henrico.

Parents concerned about the redistricting caused by its opening voiced their opinion inside the gym at Deep Run High School.

Silivia Mutez lives in a small neighborhood where 50 kids or so would have to switch schools.

While she recognizes that might not be a large number overall, she feels her young kids are being moved around too often.

“There's no guarantee with the projections they have given us today that we're not going to be shuffled around again in the future,” Mutez said. “So I don't think that is a good game to be playing with the kids.”

Two proposals of the rezoning have been drawn up, but neither map was constructed by the Henrico County School Board. 

A committee of 22 parents and former parents are tasked with listening to feedback and then drafting a redistricting map they feel works best. Their final draft will then be presented to the school board for approval.

“The goal is to try to have the fewest number of moves and end up in a place where we're using the county resources as best we can,” William Panak, the Redistricting Committee Chair, said.

Construction continues on the new school as the redistricting committee gets a handle on where the new school lines will be drawn.

They'll listen to input until the final draft is presented to the school board for vote in December of this year.

To provide input or look at the current redistricting proposals go to