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Phone apps to help keep you in shape through the winter

Posted at 11:13 PM, Oct 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-04 23:13:15-04

When the weather gets cooler, your workout might change.

And during the fall and then winter, it may mean more time indoors. A number of apps can help you make the transition.

Whether you're transitioning from a summer full of swimming and outdoor runs to a workout at the gym, or taking advantage of the cool weather to start a new fitness routine, some fitness apps can help. 

Runners and hikers seeking new paths for fall weather can try an app like Runkeeper for iPhone or Android. The app keeps track of personal pace, distance and time, lets you set goals.    
Those looking for a new routine indoors can look to an app like Workout Trainer for Android. It's got a variety of videos and instructions for workouts, and lets users map out plans and track progress online. 

The Free Simply yoga app acts as a personal yoga instructor - guiding users through yoga routines of varying lengths and featuring videos of certified instructors teaching and demonstrating new poses. 

And keep tabs on your heart rate with an app like the Instant Heart Rate monitor, which tracks the vitals sign when you place a fingertip on the iPhone’s camera. 

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