Kenny Rogers talks music, plastic surgery and love

Posted at 2:38 PM, Oct 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-04 14:38:51-04

NEW YORK (CBS News) – Legendary singer Kenny Rogers stopped by the CBS Broadcast Center Thursday morning to talk about his new memoir.

Rogers chatted with “CBS This Morning’s” Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell about his book, “Luck Or Something Like It.”

Rogers is credited for his longevity in show business and reinventing his musical style over five decades. 

Rogers first gained national attention on the music scene in 1967 with the rock band “The First Edition.” A decade later he began his solo country music career.  

Then, he teamed up with other artists.

One of his most famous pairings was with Dolly Parton.

But Rogers admitted that Parton was actually a late addition to the duet “Islands in the Stream.” Rogers described the BeeGee’s upbeat song as difficult to sing. However, he said that when he complained to Barry Gibb, the iconic musician, said to get Dolly Parton.

Rogers said that was the beginning of a lasting friendship. However, he said the pair never had sex, because he worried it would be too big of a risk for the friendship. 

Gayle King also asked Rogers about his controversial cosmetic surgery.  Rogers said he did it because he had the money — and the time off. 

“He [the surgeon] had this concept that the edge of your eyes had to be higher than a certain place,” said Rogers. “I don’t know what I would look like if I hadn’t done it… You do it and you live with it.”

Rogers said his family is his primary focus these days.

In fact, he and his wife, Wanda, have twin boys. The kids where born when the singer was 65.

Rogers said his kids give his marriage purpose — and that the marriage gives his life purpose. 

“Every day I wake up is just a joy to have them around me,” Rogers said.