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Man gets second chance at bat after injury sidelined him

Posted at 8:23 AM, Oct 03, 2012

(CNN) – An injury during his first game in Major League Baseball ended his career, now he’s getting a second chance. Seven years after Adam Greenberg got knocked off his game, he’s back with a one-day contract with the Miami Marlins.

During the Marlins’ game today against the New York Mets, Greenberg will be inserted into the game to pinch hit, and finish what he started so long ago.

Adam says the opportunity ” is a chance for me to really realize my dream as I had my whole life as a child wanting to play major league baseball and obviously what happened seven years ago did and that dream was kind of shattered and I never did get to enjoy being a major leaguer so obviously with the help of Matt Listen and this one at bat campaign he’s enabled me to kind of get back and now truly realize the dream and I’m honestly just saying I’m soaking it in and living every second of it.”

Earlier this year, Greenberg’s short career became the focus of a documentary by filmmaker Matt Liston. The movie was a push for Greenberg’s second chance at bat.