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Tennessee frat holds conference to deny ‘butt-chugging’ charge

Posted at 10:25 PM, Oct 02, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-02 22:25:27-04

The fallout continues for the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at the University of Tennessee. 

The school has given the chapter an "indefinite suspension" of at least two years.  

This comes after it pleaded guilty to seven charges of misconduct stemming from incident last week that was said to involve an alcoholic enema. 

A lawyer for the student who was hospitalized with a point-four-zero blood alcohol level says his client finds that behavior repulsive. 

"We have come to make a public statement to not only to the University of Tennessee, to the students, to the administrators, and other people across the state of Tennessee, but to all people across this United States and the nation and the world to tell you as a public that all of the information that has been disseminated about him last week is false, malicious, and a total lie,” Daniel McGehee, the attorney, said.

Alexander Broughton, the student who was hospitalized for drinking, also spoke at the press conference. He said he “made a bad choice regarding drinking.” “That decision almost cost me my life and I deeply regret it,” he said.

But he “completely denied” the “scandalous accusations” that he went through an alcohol enema.

“At this point my intent is to clear my name, my fraternity name and to punish those individuals and institutions responsible for the lies that have been spread around the world, thank you,” Broughton said.

"Mr. Broughton, Brow-ton. It is Brow-ton not Broughton, It is Brow-ton it's Scottish, denies each and every allegation whatsoever that has been inferred that he may be a gay man,” his attorney said.

“He is a straight man, and he thinks that the idea and concept of "butt chugging" is absolutely repulsive and I am telling you today that the only reason we're standing here is because the University of Tennessee, its officials, and the University of Tennessee medical center, and especially the University of Tennessee Police Department has provided false and incorrect information,” the attorney said.

The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity office says it has put its own suspension on the chapter for 30 days or until a decision is made regarding the long-term status of the chapter. 

When a reporter asked Broughton for clarification, he responded “It’s a long story.”