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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Teens laugh while beating mentally challenged woman who gave them candy

Posted at 8:22 PM, Sep 28, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-29 10:37:29-04

CHESTER, PA (KYW) – A video posted online of six girls attacking a mentally challenged woman is sparking outrage across the country.

In the video, the gang of girls can be heard laughing and celebrating, as they took turns punching kicking -- and even throwing a chair -- at a 48-year-old woman sitting on her front step.

The melee continued inside the victim's apartment and at one point the woman can be heard screaming for the girls to get off her.

Throughout the video, the teens' faces can be clearly seen as they make no attempt to hide from the camera. A surveillance camera from a store also captured part of the beating that happened at an apartment at Morton Avenue and Johnson streets.

Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail said the six high school-aged girls seen in the video will be charged as adults.

"That's one of the more horrific, savage attacks I've ever seen," said Bail. "According to the interview of the victim, prior to this assault occurring,  she actually gave these girls some candy or bubble gum."

The woman, who is not being identified, lives alone and could often be seen sitting on her front step.

Police think the attack happened possibly Tuesday night just after 9 p.m., but officials think the victim didn't contact police because of her diminished mental capacity. 

And it wasn't until Thursday morning, when a resident tipped off police, that authorities found out about the video.

The 48-year-old's neighbor, who saw her after the attack, said her face was puffy and bleeding and covered with cuts and bruises. However, authorities said the woman was not seriously injured. 

The girls, who are in police custody, have been arraigned on felony aggravated assault charges.