Two Charged With 7 Counts Of Reckless Endangerment

Posted at 10:08 PM, Sep 12, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-12 23:38:06-04

DALE CITY, Va. (WUSA) –Prince William County Police say child protective services has shut down an unlicensed home daycare.

Child protective services found two sisters operating the daycare on Abilene Way. They found 21 children, all between three months to four years old.

Police say infants were strapped in car seats left in bathrooms and in one case, inside a closet with the door shut.

Many neighbors knew about kids being dropped off and picked up at the home.

Dennis Pridomo says, “I knew it was a daycare but I thought it was legit.”
29-year-old Anila Qayyum and 23-year-old Rabia Qayyum arrested and charged.

The family says two members, including one of the accused sisters, were taken to the hospital because of all the stress from police activity.

Officer Jonathan Perok says, “Seven of the children were under the age of 1 and all 7 were strapped into carseats and were in different points of the home. “

Kyle Seguine says, “That would surprise anyone. You don’t want to hear about that stuff especially next door to you.”
None of the children were injured.

Child Protective Services says they have an expired business permit that would’ve allowed upto 5 children. A state license would only permit a home daycare a maximum of 12 children. The family had neither.

Carrie Hunyady says, “I know them personally. I would definitely let my child over there because they’re great people.”

The Qayyum sisters face 7 counts each of reckless child endangerment, one count for each of the children found under the age of one.