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Topless activist gets attention in NYC

Posted at 7:02 PM, Aug 28, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-28 19:02:25-04

NEW YORK (WCBS) – Around two-dozen topless women protested Sunday in  New York City to point out the inequality over topless rights between men and women in some cities.

However, it is not against a the law in New York City for women to walk around topless.

Moira Johnston, 29, said she gets a lot of attention when she walks around without a shirt on the subway or on the street. She said she does it an effort to educate women about the right to walk around topless.

However, she's even had to educate the NYPD at times.

"Very often the cops ask me to put a shirt on and when I tell them no, because it's not illegal, they have to call and verify that it is legal," said Johnston.

Moira was wrongfully arrested when she first started her activism a couple of months ago. However, she has the law on her side.

The New York State Penal Code states that a woman in has the right to be topless at any place where a man may be topless, as long as she's not going topless for money.

The self-described topless activist attracts many stares when she walks around her neighborhood, especially when she's joined by other activists.

Watch the video above to see what New Yorkers think about Johnston's display.