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New Paterno book describes hatred for Sandusky

Posted at 9:06 AM, Aug 22, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-22 09:06:40-04

by: Ewa Roman

(CNN) – An authorized biography of the late Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno hit bookshelves on Tuesday. It reveals Paterno hardly got along with former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky — who was convicted in June of sexually abusing boys

It’s not the first book written on Joe Paterno. But Paterno, by Joe Posnanski is the authorized biography. At Bookland in York County, the first shipment sold out.

Paterno talks about the coach’s legacy, his wins, his losses. But what was not planned to be in the book is what will attract more than just football fans. Paterno let Posnanski follow him before the Sandusky scandal broke. He was there to document Paterno’s initial reaction to the Grand Jury reports, saying it was Paterno’s family who made him read it word for word.

The book also describes a hatred for Sandusky and the second half shifts to the fallout from the scandal. After reading how Paterno sobbed uncontrollably when he was fired. Joe Pa fans might take comfort reading how he came to grips with it before he died.

Posnanski quotes him as saying in their final conversation, the criticism really doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t. I know what I tried to do. Maybe everybody will see that in time, maybe they won’t, maybe they will. Judge me by what I tried to do, maybe they won’t, what difference does it make. I just hope there is justice for the victims.