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Avon, N.C. tourist takes pic, notices shark fin near friends

Posted at 10:39 PM, Aug 22, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-22 22:39:09-04

AVON, N.C. (WTVR)–The picture was taken Wednesday, August 15, in Avon, North Carolina along the Outer Banks; a popular destination spot for those along the East Coast.

Last week Henry Harris was at the beach with some friends, who were in the water. Everyone was visiting from Calvert, Md. Harris was taking photos on his iPhone and when he stopped to check over his photos, he found a surprise; a fin popping up out of the water.

It’s just offshore, and not too far from Stacey Craft, and his father Stacy Craft Sr., who were unaware of the shark reports The Virginian-Pilot.

They had no idea they were sharing the surf with a shark until Harris screamed for them to come back to shore. 

The National Park Service said they believe the fin belongs to a 15- to 20-foot great white or tiger shark.

They said there’s only one reason a shark that large would come so close to shore–to eat.

According to The Virginia-Pilot, father and son returned to the surf later that same day.

“My logic is, if we were that close to a shark, neither my son or I will get killed by a shark,” Craft said to reporter Kathy Adams.