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Outer Banks murder suspect Nate Summerfield arrested

Posted at 10:38 AM, Aug 15, 2012

ASHLAND COUNTY, Ohio — Murder suspect Nate Summerfield has been arrested according to an official with the U.S. Marshals Office.

Peter J. Elliott of the Marshals Office says that Summerfield has been arrested but would not provide details on when or where he was taken into custody.

Summerfield has been on the run since early July after admitting to a family member that he had killed his longtime girlfriend Lynn Jackenheimer while on vacation in the Outer Banks, N.C.

Police said that the murder occurred on July 4, and Jackenheimer’s body was recovered on July 16. Since then a task force of more than 300 people were working on this case.

“They were determined to bring justice,” said Eliot, who added that in his ten years of Marshal service “has never seen a community effort like this.”

Summerfield was arrested Wednesday morning at the Legacy Inn in Medina, Ohio. Police said that he was not armed and did not put up a fight. He was checked in under a fictitious name.

He was tracked around the nation, and on August 8 one of his vehicles was found abandoned in Michigan

Police said that anybody who helped Summerfield will face federal charges.