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Pit bull adopts goat as its own

Posted at 12:08 AM, Aug 13, 2012

An Oklahoma pit bull has adopted a goat and helped to raise it.

Piper, a 2 and a half-year-old pit-bull mix helped raise “GP.”

GP stands for goat puppy, and when he was born he wasn't doing very well so Piper started nuzzling him and the goat came around.

Ever since then, wherever Piper goes there's GP.

"I don't know how much playing he's gonna do on this…,” said Julie Free, the pet owner.

A couple of weeks ago GP hurt his leg and with it all taped up he doesn't get around like he did.
They started bringing Piper to companion dog school and GP would come along. He learned some stuff too.

When Piper gets too far away, GP just doesn't like it.

"This isn't the kind of thing people tell you about pit bulls,” said Free.