Reebok to hand over $25 million for false claims

Posted at 8:49 AM, Aug 08, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-08 08:58:46-04

(CNN) – Customers who bought Reebok EasyTone and RunTone shoes may be getting a refund check in the mail. The government reached a settlement with Reebok after alleging the shoemaker falsely advertised those products.

Reebok’s ads claimed the sneakers were better than regular shoes at toning leg and buttock muscles. Reebok already has handed over 25 million dollars to settle with the Federal Trade Commission. The F-T-C will start sending that money back Wednesday to about 315-thousand consumers. But if you haven’t already filed a claim, the F-T-C says you’re out of luck.

The deadline for claims ended in April.

Reebok isn't the only shoemaker to incur the F-T-C's wrath over disputed fitness claims.
Skechers paid a $40 million fine in May to settle charges over the advertising for its Shape-Up shoes.