Memorial bike ride honors hit-and-run victim

Posted at 11:46 PM, Aug 05, 2012

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – The day before a grand jury is set to consider possible charges in connection to a fatal hit-and-run, a memorial bike ride took place the remember the victim.

The ride, which began at 9 p.m. Sunday at the Oregon Hill lookout, honored the life of 24-year-old Lanie Kruszewski. She was killed a week ago during an apparent hit-and-run accident.

The riders brought plenty of light to illuminate their journey. Participants also left a ghost bike and flowers to honor Lanie.

Kruszweski’s mother says she is grateful for the support she has received from the community.

“I don't even know the names of some of the people who have helped us through this,” said Patty Kruszewski. “Like the people who left the ghost bike at the site... I don't know them. And a lot of the people that have contacted me and said ‘we're thinking of you.’ I don't know them, they're total strangers, so I just want to say thank you everybody.”

Donations were also collected. The proceeds will go to Kruszweski’s family and her partner.

Meantime, a grand jury will decide Monday whether or not to charge the man who admitted to driving the car that hit and killed Kruszewski.

Sources tell CBS 6 News that the driver, Elias Webb, told investigators he did not stop that day because he thought he hit a deer.

Todd Stone, CBS 6 News legal analyst, said the grand jury will decide if there is enough evidence to charge Webb with a hit-and-run or manslaughter charge.

"If there's enough evidence that he was the driver of the car -- and that he left the scene -- a grand jury would very likely indict the case... and that's the beginning of the criminal justice process," said Stone. 

Additionally, Stone said the grand jury will likely indict Webb. However, Webb is still innocent unless proven guilty by prosecutors during the actual trial.