Top brass in town soon to select Redskins camp location

Posted at 7:00 PM, Jul 27, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-02 13:29:39-04

RICHMOND, VA. (WTVR)--One year from now enthusiastic Redskins fans will rumble toward the River City, but it where they will huddle to watch their favorite team remains a question.

Radio host Big Al Coleman said that the city has much work to do before the first whistle of camp next July. “It’s going to be quite the circus.”

“If Richmond can get it done and find a place,” Coleman added. “Let’s get going. It’s only a year away. Countdown starts. Don’t wait.”  

CBS6 confirmed has the potential sites on the list are Sports Backers Stadium on the Boulevard, City Stadium near Carytown and Virginia Union University. Sources told CBS 6 reporter Angela Pellerano the fourth location is behind the Science Museum on Leigh Street.

Jocelyn Bandas lives within earshot of the crowd at City Stadium. Jocelyn said the team’s arrival would be a boon for her area.

 “I’ve lived here about ten years. I would like to see them use that as the Redskins and then let the people in the area open it up and use the track,” Jocelyn said.

April Hereford from Sterling, Virginia doesn’t miss a camp. She said Richmond needs to brace themselves for thousands of fans.  “A lot of people, a lot of Traffic; a lot will show up, definitely,” said Hereford.

 “I’ve been coming to camp here in Northern Virginia for years,” said Maryland resident, Joe Payne. “Richmonders are getting a big gift.”

 While some neighbors would roll out the carpet for the Redskins, other long time residents of the City Stadium area don’t relish the prospect of living within a field goal of training camp.

 Christine Wilson recalled the days when City Stadium was the official spot for University of Richmond football games.  She called it a nightmare. She’s happy the Skins are coming to Richmond, but she just doesn’t want them in her backyard.

 “I think that will be too much traffic in the neighborhood,” Christine said. “Parking! When you have something at the stadium it gets in the way of the residents.”

Wherever the Skins chose to train, one thing for sure is that a stampede of burgundy and gold will wash over the area.

The Redskins’ top brass is expected to visit the four sites in Richmond in the coming weeks. A final decision on a training camp site should come by the end of August.