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Daycare abuse caught on tape, 2 arrests and 3 injuries

Posted at 11:23 AM, Jul 25, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-25 11:31:11-04

VICKSBURG, Ms. (WJTV)--A nine-year old boy waits for the daycare teacher to leave, and then abuses two kids at a daycare; then a father shows up and slaps the wrong child.

This all happened Monday. A tape shows children at the Kiddie City Childcare doing their normal thing.

But the surveillance tape shows a nine-year old boy beating up two kids.  The first instance, he waits for the teacher to leave and then bites a boy. Then he takes the boy's head and slams it into his lap, forcing the baby to throw up.

“The daycare worker that was present was not paying attention, was not in the room as often as she should've been,” Chief Walter Armstrong, with the Vicksburg Police Department, said.

But the boy is not done yet. He then goes over to the baby's sister, a 23-month old. The tape shows as him shaking the baby and back kicks her not once...but twice.

Daycare worker Sandra Trevillion has her back turned and is on the phone.

“There were bruises, contusion, no broken bones, according to what we're being told, a busted lip, bite marks, pinch marks,” said Armstrong.

Police said that about 20 minutes after the two babies went home, their dad Jamie Williams came back mad. He went to the daycare center and he asked who had hit his child, along with other kids, other kids pointed out the wrong child

 The video show Williams hit a child--and he slapped the wrong child.

"Thought that this was a parent coming in to pick up the child, had no idea he was coming in to do this,” said a daycare worker.

Police said the two babies and the kid who was slapped are alright, but the dad's action was uncalled for, undoubtedly.

“Him being upset understandably so, but to attack a child for an instant is not the proper way of settling the difference,” said Armstrong.

Police said they won't arrest the nine year old, but they will have a conversation with him, his mother, and the youth court.

The daycare worker, 49 years old, faces two counts of child neglect. She has been fired. The father, 29 years old, faces a simple assault charge.