Police: Suspect Nathan Summerfield allegedly spotted

Posted at 12:31 AM, Jul 18, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-18 06:18:30-04

by Mark Zinni

DARE COUNTY, N.C. (FOX8) — Nathan Summerfield was allegedly spotted in Columbus, Ohio, according to authorities.

Nathan Summerfield was last seen driving a 2009 metallic grey Honda Civic. Authorities say they received a tip Summerfield was seen at an apartment complex in Columbus. He was allegedly attempting to switch his license plate with another vehicle and he fled when a resident spotted him.

Authorities confirmed the cause of death for Lynn Jackenheimer, 33, on Monday. Her body was found in a remote area near the Outer Banks on Saturday.

According to investigators with the Dare County Sheriff’s Department, Jackenheimer died from strangulation and stab wounds. Her body was positively identified on Monday, two days after it was located.

On Tuesday, Lynn’s stepfather and several family members returned home to Ashland after helping with the search. “We’re just trying to settle back down with the grandkids and stuff, lettin’ them know the truth – what Nate done to their mom,” said Ray Johnson.

Johnson and his family were holding vigil for several days, hoping for Lynn to return safely. Her body was discovered in a trash bag, not far from where she went on vacation with her estranged boyfriend, Nathan Summerfield, 27, and her two children.

The three-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl are now trying to understand what happened to their mom.

“After you tell them, they just ball their little eyes out,” said Johnson, “So there’s not a lot we can do now except bring her back home and give her something where she isn’t being treated like garbage or a dog and that’s how that poor thing was treated, like a piece of garbage or a dog.”

Authorities say Summerfield murdered Jackenheimer before returning to Ohio with the kids, and reportedly told his brother he murdered Lynn Summerfield then disappeared.

Since Lynn’s body was identified, the focus has shifted to finding Summerfield. “I could care less about that, my daughter ain’t here – so I could care less whether he is or not. It might be cruel to say, but that’s how I feel right now,” said Johnson.

Residents in her rural Ashland County community have all been impacted by the tragedy, including Kelly Collins.

“It’s really scary that it happened so close, you know, in your backyard. It’s really sad, really sad and my heart goes out to the families – well, the family and the children, that’s the worst thing.”

Lynn worked at the Beer Barrel drive-thru where the owner, Dean Emmons, was selling shirts to raise money for the search. Now, he’s collecting donations to help her two children.

“Her paycheck is still here, her jacket is still hanging here and I just wish that today—yesterday–instead of having a news conference, you guys could have videotaped her coming into work at four,” said Emmons.

Lynn’s body is still in North Carolina and funeral arrangements are pending.

“Lynn was like a bottle of champagne, you uncork it and it just bubbles, just bubbles. Endless amount of energy, worked three jobs, you know? You never saw any downsides to Lynn, Lynn was always very upbeat,” said Emmons.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call local authorities.

Community members have created a Facebook page to locate Nathan Summerfield, called Help Find Nate Summerfield.