Recent storms take toll on Hanover residents

Posted at 12:12 AM, Jul 16, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-16 00:13:09-04

HANOVER, Va. (WTVR)--Mechanicsville resident Corinne Casper was nervous when she heard Sunday night’s weather forecast.

"I was kind of holding my breath, yeah," said Casper.

The recent severe summer storms have already taken a toll on her home and her backyard, which is entirely covered with a large portion of a tree that crashed to the ground during a storm two weeks ago.

"To be so violent in Mechanicsville, we just don't usually see tornadoes and this type of damage," said Casper. [Read: Mechanicsville tornado with 7.4 mile path confirmed]

Casper described Sunday night's thunder and lightning as sounding as though it was crashing just over top of her home. She wasn't imagining things. Just down the street from her house, lightning struck a nearby home and started a massive fire.

That house was determined a total loss. 

"We've had a lot of lightning strikes, this is the third significant house fire in three working days,” said Chief Willie Jones of the Hanover Fire Department. 

Images of Sunday's damage across the area were being captured by residents who just a few weeks ago and in some cases a few days ago were dealing with down trees and power outages. They are now facing another round of major clean-up.

"It's a mess and you just want it cleaned up," said Casper.

After yet another weather event, it looks like it will take some time for yards and roadways to return to normal in Mechanicsville, an area hit hard by storms and a tornado two weeks ago. As for clean-up at Casper's home, she's been told she'll have to wait her turn.

"They're very backed up trying to get everybody taken care of because so much damage happened," she said. 

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