President Obama makes a stop in Glen Allen

Posted at 8:38 PM, Jul 14, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-15 00:27:34-04

GLEN ALLEN, Va. (WTVR) - President Obama made a campaign stop at Walkerton Tavern in Glen Allen on Saturday.  In the pouring rain, he pushed his message about the rebuilding economy, health care for all Americans and asking voters for four more years.

Crowds gathered early, and lines snaked across the parking lot as supporters waited for this moment.

Supporter Carolyn Hall-Battle says, "Everybody's hype and excited."  She also says she's excited to see different people from all walks of life gather to support Obama.

Keshon Tabb says it was a great experience to see the president and learn more about him.

"In spite of the rain, it was a great event," Linda Chavis says.  "No one complained, and no one was deterred from what we came here for--that was to support our president."

As the rain poured, the president got straight down to business.  His supporters listened to the issues they are most worried about.

"Let's put folks back to work rebuilding roads, bridges, railroads, put the broadband lines into rural communities," the president said to his supporters. "That's how we build an economy that lasts."

Vira Joyner wanted to know about his plan for creating new jobs.

"The job creation for people who don't have jobs, the economy, education of our younger generation," Joyner says.  "That's what I need to hear."

Alexsis Rodgers says she's concerned about the increase in college tuition and the education of today's workforce.

"If we want our nation to move forward, if we don't have an educated workforce, we won't be able to fill those jobs," she says.  "Keeping college affordable is the main thing for me."

Despite those issues, the president reminded the crowd why he pushed so hard for the controversial Affordable Health Care Act.

He says making sure everyone has health insurance was the right thing to do.

Marguerite Edons agrees with the Supreme Court's decision to implement the Affordable Health Care Act.

"I'm happy to see progress, especially for older people," Edons says.  "A lot are suffering because they don't have health care."

This may be another day on the campaign trail for the president, but many of his supporters say this will be a day they will remember.

Many of the people we spoke to say considering how critical Virginia is to this election.  It's not a matter of if, but when we'll see President Obama here again.

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