Man assaults girlfriend with steak sauce over ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Posted at 2:26 PM, Jul 12, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-12 14:42:06-04

Will C. Holden, KDVR, Reorting

CARLISLE, U.K. — Things got “saucy” for one British man after hearing his girlfriend wife recite several passages from Fifty Shades of Grey – just not in the same sense that author E. L. James wrote about in the book.

According to the Carlisle News & Star, Emma McCormick of Carlisle, UK, read several of the best-selling book’s raciest scenes of bondage and seduction on June 25 to her boyfriend Raymond Hodgson, who later told authorities he thought the book was “pornographic.”

In between making those comments and listening to his girlfriend’s recitation, Hodgson got a bit steamed, and decided to take out his frustrations with a bottle of steak sauce in hand.

The day after McCormick’s reading, Hodgson drove to her house and resumed the argument about a book he calls “distasteful” armed with a plastic bottle of “brown sauce.” After the fight escalated, he squirted condiments from the bottle in McCormick’s face.

When asked about his actions later, Hodgson told authorities he wanted to show his girlfriend what “saucy” really meant.

Prosecutors charged Hodgson with Common Assault, accusing him slapping McCormick in the face during the assault. Although he denied the slap, Hodgson pleaded guilty to the charges. He was ordered to pay McCormick $150 in compensation and cover her $130 in legal fees.

The News & Start is reporting that the couple are speaking again, and are once again cordial.