Richmond sets new record high Thursday

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jul 05, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-05 18:01:20-04

At 2:36 p.m. Thursday, the thermometer at Richmond International Airport hit 102°, making it the hottest temperature ever recorded for the date.  This beats the previous record high of 101°, set  back in 1990.

In addition to a record high, a record was also set for the warmest low temperature for the date.  The temperature never dropped below 79° Thursday, beating the old record of 77°.

Here are the record warmest lows and highs for the next few days:

79° / 105°  –  Friday, July 6

78° / 104°  –  Saturday, July 7

78° / 102°  –  Sunday, July 8

Our forecast lows are close to the records, so we could see another record by Sunday.  The best chances of tying or beating a record high will be Saturday & Sunday.

We have the potential to achieve triple-digit highs through Sunday.  The record of most consecutive 100° days was the five day period of August 29 through September 2 in 1953.

The hottest temperature on record this year has been 103° from June 29.  The hottest temperature ever recorded at Richmond International was 107° from August 6, 1918.