VIDEO: Car goes airborne after hitting buckled road

Posted at 6:13 PM, Jul 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-03 18:13:07-04

CHIPPEAW COUNTY, WI (WTVR) - A couple who stopped to take photos of a bizarre incident on a highway got more than they bargained for Sunday. 

"From the overpass we could see the big divets, but we'd stopped to take a picture of it because we'd seen a bunch of cars going over slowly, and scraping the underside of their cars. And they were kind of lining up and, you know, checking the damage," said Theresa Reich. 

As the couple unknowingly put their camera in video mode, they spotted an SUV hit the buckled pavement, which created a ramp, and then the vehicle went airborne.

"When they landed, you could kind of just see the tires fly off to the side," said Reich. "Everyone seemed like they made it out ok. They were, you know, walking out of their car." 

Both passengers in the SUV were taken to the hospital after complaining of neck and back pain.

Work crews have since repaired the road.