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New website way too social about your posts?

Posted at 11:55 AM, Jun 27, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-27 14:53:42-04

CLEVELAND, OHIO (FOX 8) – That nasty Facebook post you wrote about your boss, or the one about your killer hangover, may be on a new website for the world to see.

An 18-year-old has created a website called “We know what you are doing…” which takes public posts from other social media sites about bosses, hangovers, drugs and phone numbers and lists them under categories such as “Who wants to get fired?” and “Who’s taking drugs?”

One of the posts reads: “Im getting so mad right now I hate my boss Jay I hope he dies better yet I feel like killin him…” [sic], said Anastasia

Another reads, “Dont think i have ever been this hungover in my life. stroll in to work 30mins late wearing the same clothes i went out in…” [sic], wrote Jasmine.

The website was created by Callum Haywood of Nottingham, England.

He hopes the website will get people’s attention and make them more careful about what they post on social media.

Haywood told Fox 8 in an email, “The message I’m looking to get across is that people need to take a look at just what they share online, because it may end up causing undesired consequences.”

“If you want to vent to someone about something that’s bothering you it’s probably somewhat reckless to be posting that information on a public venue,” said Cleveland-Area therapist James Stover, adding, “I think it makes a powerful point. What you post online is not private. It is for all the world to see.”

Haywood said all the posts he re-posts can be accessed by anyone.

“The posts all come from Facebook’s API, it is all publicly accessible data, posted by people who have insufficient privacy settings on the social networking site,” Haywood said.

“I do feel like you should watch what you say or what you do post on Facebook because anybody can read it, anybody can see it,” said Facebook user Natasha Berry.

“I think it’s stupid people post about their jobs, but it’s also kind of creepy people can find that out and re-post it,” said Facebook user Elizabeth Merkel.

Haywood suggests people check their privacy setting to make sure their posts are viewable by everyone, and be careful what you post – you might regret it later.

“If they are sharing a lot of personal information, people need to be aware of exactly who they share this with. Facebook also needs to help users out by telling them that what they post can be seen by anyone using the API,” Haywood said.

This post is from our affiliate FOX 8 and was originally reported by Emily Valdez.