POWER UPDATE: Here’s where Dominion is working to restore power

Posted at 1:40 PM, Jun 26, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-26 13:44:38-04

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Dominion Virginia Power just released a list of locations where crews are working to restore power. Keep in mind, some of the “Richmond” locations are actually in Henrico.

Earlier today Dominion announced it expected to have power restored to most of Central Virginia by Wednesday night. However, the utility added some customers may have to wait until Thursday morning before power is restored to their home. [Read more]


  • West Omni Ct

Charles City

  • John Tyler Mem Hwy southeast of The Glebe Ln


  • Courthouse Rd
  • Mohawk Dr
  • Newington Dr & Walmsley Blvd
  • Victoria Park Ter
  • East Richmond Cedar Fork Rd
  • Cold Harbor Rd east of Creighton
  • Creighton Rd south of I-295
  • Harvie Rd & Sandy La
  • Lakeshore Dr near intersection with Lakeside Dr.
  • Lakeside Dr north of Oak Rd.
  • Mayfield La. & Glenbrook Dr.
  • N Mayfield La
  • Rt 156 west of East Blvd
  • Rt 614 & Rt 1501
  • Rt 635 west of Rt 650

Glen Allen

  • Blackburn Rd
  • Bristol Ln
  • Courtney Rd
  • Ellaberry Ln
  • Kershaw Dr
  • Nuckols Rd north of Wade Lane
  • Oak Mill Ct
  • Pouncey Tract Rd south of Three Chopt soccer field
  • Red Bridge Rd between Berea Church & Shady Grove
  • Rolling Creek Pl
  • Sampson Ln
  • Springfield Rd west of Francistown
  • Tiller Rd
  • Tiller Rd at Mountain Rd
  • Twin Hickory Ln between Lemoore Dr & Nuckols Rd
  • Twin Hickory Ln intersection of Lemoore Dr.


  • Crest Hollow Ct
  • Haskin Rd
  • River Rd W
  • River Rd W at Anderson Rd
  • Rt 631( Scott Rd ) Just B 4 rt.1205
  • Sheppard Town Rd
  • Stokes Station Rd


  • Dalewood Dr
  • Dickens Rd east of I-64
  • Hilliard Rd
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  • City / County Work Locations
  • Henrico Lakefield Mews Ct
  • Lakefield Mews Dr
  • Millers Glen Ln
  • Quarter Creek Ln
  • Shadyhurst Dr south of Battery
  • Wistar Rd north of Wistar Village Dr

Highland Springs

  • Fern Ave & Nine Mile Rd
  • Ivy Ave & Washington St
  • A P Hill Ave
  • Adamson St
  • Chipper Ct
  • E Read St
  • Lee Ave
  • Longstreet Ave
  • N Battery St
  • Washington St Rd east of Mullins
  • Washington St north of Airport Dr

Manakin Sabot

  • Broad Run Rd
  • Holly Ln
  • River Rd west of Willway, Manakin-Sabot
  • Wheatlands Dr


  • Bellcreek Dr south of Meadow Gate Rd
  • Clark Cir
  • Ellerson Dr
  • Fullview Ave between Atlee Rd. & Trails End
  • Hardtack Rd
  • Harver Ct
  • Northfall Creek Pkwy
  • Cold Harbor Rd & Lighthouse Pl, west of Creighton
  • Ridgeview Rd
  • Roosevelt Ave
  • Rt 156 north of Bonnie Field La
  • Rt 360 west of Lexington
  • S Mayfield Ln
  • Thyme Dr
  • Walnut Grove Rd & Bluebird Way
  • Wonderland Ln


  • South End Sewage Plant east of I-95


  • Autumn Breeze Dr
  • Autumn Breeze Pl
  • Cardwell Rd south of Rt 250
  • Rt 250 west of Fox Downs Ln
  • Rt 250 West of Rt 654

Providence Forge

  • Baileys Ridge Dr
  • Rt 106 & Rt 60
  • Rt 610 west of Rt 155
  • Rt 615 north of Rt 631
  • Sturgeon Point Rd @ C.C.C. Rd
  • White Dogwood Dr


  • Acorn La & Old Roxbury Rd
  • Acorn Ln
  • Airport Rd, Rt 612 north of Rt 610
  • Arrowhead Rd
  • Dispatch Rd
  • Ellyson Trce
  • N Henpeck Rd, Rt 655
  • Oh Fuse Rt 655 at Liberty Hal
  • Old Roxbury Rd
  • Pine Rd & Lakeside Dr


  • 24th St between Dock & Main St.
    5th St
    Acca SubstationCir 586
    Azalea Ave east of Crenshaw
    Bolling Rd & Thalen St
    Boyle Ave north of Westbourne
    Country Ln south of Broad St
    Broad St east of Deep Rock Rd
    Bunting Ave norht of Hanover Ave
    Camden Dr south of Santa Ana
    Carlisle Ave
    Carolina Ave at Fairgrounds Dist Center
    Charles St. at Grace St
    Cherokee Rd north of Pittaway Dr
    Church Rd east of Blandfield St.
    Claremont Ave @ Hermitage Rd
    behind 1611 Cloister Rd
    College Rd south of Sunset Dr.
    Condie St
    Coronet Dr
    Crawford St east of Hanes Ave.
    Cypress St between 3rd & 4th
    Dabney Rd
    Damascus east of Upham Dr.
    Darnell Rd
    Derbyshire Rd west of Branway Dr
    Douglasdale east of Loch Lomond
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    City / County Work Locations
    Richmond Dumbarton Rd west of Byrdhill Rd
    E Grace St
    Eanes Ln
    Elberon Ct
    Elkridge La & Walnut St
    Ellwood Ave
    Enfield Ave
    Fairfax Ave west of Forest Ave
    Farrand St
    Ferebee St
    Forest Ave north of Ridge Rd
    Francistown Rd & Candlelight Pl
    Galax Rd
    Galaxie Rd south of Putney Rd.
    Gayton Rd
    Gayton east of Chauncey
    Glenburnie Rd @ Park Ave
    Goddin St
    Groveland Ave south of Brookland
    Guthrie Ave west of Westview
    Hawthorne Ave
    Hermitage Rd
    Hermitage west of Gibraltar
    Hillard Rd at Seminary Ave
    Hilliard Rd
    Hilliard Rd east of Lakeside
    Holt Dr
    Huguenot Rd towards Weyburn Rd
    Hungary Rd south of North Run
    Hungary Rd west of Roundtree
    Hungary Spring Rd
    Hungary Springs at Stoneman
    behind 3006 Hungry Springs Rd
    Idlewood Ave
    Irisdale Ave
    Barksdale Rd north of Kukymuto Rd
    Laburnum Substation
    Ladies Mile Rd of North Ave
    Lakeland Ct
    Lakeside Ave @ Brook Rd
    Lakeside Substation
    Landis at Three Chopt.
    Lark Dr at Thrush La
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    City / County Work Locations
    Richmond Northwest of Intersection Loneleaf Dr & Greenford Dr
    Loumour Ave-ACCA sub Vic
    Lowell St
    Margaret Ave
    Marlowe Rd
    Masonic Ln
    Matthews St north of The Valley Rd & Matthews St inters.
    Media Park Rd
    Melrose Ave
    Morris north of Floyd
    N 25th St
    N 26th St
    N 35th St
    N 36th St
    N 38th St
    N Battery Dr
    N Dumbarton Rd @ Cottage St
    N Hamilton St
    N Lake Ave
    N Linden St north of Floyd Ave.
    North of Lakeside Ave east of Landsworth
    North of Upham Dr. east of Rt 301
    National St
    Northumberland Ave
    Northwest Substation
    Harvie & Reynolds
    Old Hilliard Rd
    Overbrook Rd at Langston Ave Rd
    Pamela Ln
    Parham & Fortune
    Parham Rd south of Freestone
    Park Central Dr
    Parlow Dr
    Pemberton & Meadowview Rd.
    Penobscot Rd @ St Charles Rd
    Pepper Ave & Monument Ave
    Pepper north of Patterson.
    Portland Pl
    Randall Ave
    Rexford Rd east of Myradare
    Rich. Hen. T.P. north of Craig Av
    River Rd Substation
    Rosewood Ave
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    City / County Work Locations
    Richmond Rt 5 east of Kingsland Rd
    Rt 6 west of Tanglewood
    Saint Matthews Ln north of Rt 250
    Seminary Ave
    Shockoe Substation
    Sholey Rd
    Skipwith Rd
    Skipwith south of Hungary Spgs
    Sleepy Hollow Rd
    Somoa Dr
    Spratley Rd
    Springdale Rd
    Rt 622 west of St Mathews La
    Stoneman Rd
    Sunnybrook & Biscayne
    Sycamore Ln
    Sycamore east of Gibraltar
    Sycamore south of Galax Rd
    Tazwell St south of Wickham St
    Teakwood north of Avondale
    Three Chopt Rd east of Landis Dr
    Three Chopt west of Cool Brook.
    Three Willows Ct
    Dinwiddie norht of University Blvd
    Valentine Rd at Woodman Rd
    behind 8004 W Broad St
    W Cary St
    W Main St & Harrison St.
    W Patterson Ave west of Parham Rd
    West of Dollard Dr north of betweenhelem
    West of Morris north of Floyd ave
    West of North Ave south of Lancaster rd
    West of Staples Mill south of Rodney rd
    Wedgewood west of Buckingham
    Wellington St at Brookland Pk
    West End Dr. north of Greenford Dr
    West End Manor Dr north of West Broad
    Westend Dr South of Mapleview Ave.
    Westminister Rd
    Whistling Arrow Dr
    Wilkinson north of Transmisson Ln
    Williamsburg Rd
    Wilson Ave at Lincoln Ave
    Windingbrook Rd
    Wistar Center (Rt 33 West of Wistar Rd)
    Woodrow Ter @ Hilliard Rd
    Yates Ln
    Yoland Dr east of Fon-Du-Lac
    Yolando Dr west of Milbank


Johnson Rd @ Pouncey Tract rd
Pouncy Tract Rd north of Quarry Hill Rd
Rockville Rd


  • Chartwood Dr
  • Covey Rd & Rt 60
  • Foxhead La bet Challis Ln & Grapevine Rd
  • Inters Hanover Rd & Washington St
  • Mcclellan St west of Early St
  • Meadow Rd
  • Pickett Ave
  • Relic Dr
  • Sumwalt St
  • Inters White Oak Rd & Windsor Rd
  • Betweenner Ct
  • Sandy Hook Forest Grove Rd