VIRAL VIDEO: Two bears put on show in Florida neighborhood

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jun 23, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-23 17:50:45-04

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Florida (WESH) – A video of the two bears in Florida’s Longwood neighborhood has folks talking.

Tammy Snell said even though she sees bears in the area often, this took her by surprise.

"’Mom, you're not going to believe it. There are two big bears out there fighting.’ So, of course, we get up and run out,” said Snell.

However, by the time she got outside, much of it was over. Luckily, her neighbor was able to grab a cell phone and push the red button.

Next, the bears ended up behind another set of bushes, rolled over the air conditioner, and then, just seemed to amble away.

“They start looking over here at me like, ‘do you want some of this?'” said Snell. “So I'm like, ‘Ok. I'm getting my door.’"

State wildlife officials said this is something they have rarely seen. They said it could be a couple of younger males may have been working to establish territory.

“They have been up on their hind legs, going after one another. There was blood. I mean, they were mean to one another,” said Snell.

The dancing bears left a lasting impression on Snell’s flowerbed and shrubs. Watch the video to see the huge paw prints in the flowerbed – and a bush that was a bit torn up after the melee.