Fake cancer woman arrested for Medicaid fraud

Posted at 2:26 PM, Jun 20, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-20 14:55:09-04

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – A Mechanicsville woman who pleaded guilty to faking cancer as part of a scam to raise money earlier this year has been arrested again.

Investigators from the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office arrested 42-year-old Martha A. Nicholas on five felony indictments in connection to an ongoing fraud investigation.

The investigation comes after the sheriff’s department received an anonymous tip in April 2011 that Nicholas was falsely claiming to have cancer.

Nicholas was indicted Tuesday by a Hanover County grand jury on three counts of Medicaid fraud and two counts of obtaining money by false pretenses.

Nicholas was arrested and taken to the Pamunkey Regional, but was later released on bond pending arraignment on June 27.

Nicholas pleaded guilty in February to two counts of obtaining money by false pretenses. Nicholas’ attorney said she regretted her actions and was struggling with a mental illness.

The crime angered the community since Nicholas had solicited money from folks on her behalf.

Nicholas’ attorney had said that the 42-year-old was convinced she had a physical ailment and that even members of her family believed she had cancer.

As part of the plea deal, prosecutors said Nicholas cannot seek employment with, solicit funds for, or advocate for any charitable or civic organization for a five-year period.