Red flags raised in missing woman case

Posted at 7:08 PM, Jun 14, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-15 01:05:23-04

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR)--The criminal past of one person of interest in the Leyla Namiranian case is as long as it is violent.

Court records indicate that in 1991 the man, who CBS 6 is choosing not to identify, was convicted of the gruesome stabbing of his ex-girlfriend. Records indicate that the female victim almost died and the crime happened in front of her children.

“Having someone with such a violent past is something that draws a lot of suspicion,” said Capt. David Pritchard of the Chesterfield Police Department.

At the sentencing hearing for the malicious wounding conviction, the person of interest’s lawyers spoke on his behalf and asked the judge for leniency despite the violent nature of what had happened.

In a court transcript his attorney said to the judge, “She was stabbed around the mouth and I believe in the chest, and had a collapsed lung. I suppose we’re fortunate that this was not a murder charge.”

Chesterfield Police claim they’ve been aware of the thick criminal history on this individual since their investigation started two months ago. They also know about several other convictions for the man in surrounding jurisdictions.

In 1999 he was charged with two DUI charges in Henrico and Hanover within the same month. Additionally that year he faced a grand larceny charge and an armed robbery charge in Caroline County.

“We have to build a case on its own merits not based on past history, but we’re certainly concerned about this,” said Pritchard.

Police say the recently released details about persons of interest in the case has helped in bringing forth some useful information, but they are still in need of more. They claim the case is being worked continuously by detectives as they  consistently receive concerned calls about the welfare of Namiranian.

“We’ve never stopped working the case. We’ve never slowed down on it either. There’s a lot going on , but not all of it is stuff we’re able to share, “ said Pritchard.