Report: Person of interest in Namiranian case threatened wife

Posted at 12:31 AM, Jun 13, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-13 00:31:29-04

Richmond, Va. (WTVR)—One of the person’s of interest in the disappearance of a Chesterfield woman previously had a protective order placed against him.

CBS 6 news continues to follow the investigation into the disappearance of Leyla Namiranian, the Chesterfield woman missing since April. [Complete Coverage of Leyla's case here]

We've reported on several developments in the case this week, including new court documents obtained, and details on the two persons of interest in the case.

 Reporter Jon Burkett found that in February, a protective order was sworn out against one person of interest in the case, but by a Northside woman.

She said her estranged husband threatened to kill her, burn her up inside her home and take her to  King William where no one could find her. Despite those former claims, she defended that same man just days ago in a Times-Dispatch article telling them quote,"He'll do a lot of talking but he's not violent."

"An application for a protective order indicates someone thinks a person has violent tendencies, but does that mean he's committed a homicide? No it doesn't,” said legal analyst Todd Stone.

Namaranian vanished on April 4. Police believe an Altria executive, where Namiranian was also employeed, was the last one to see her and they've yet to interview him.

A car was seized from the Northside Fern Tree apartment parking lot; months ago

Police sources say the forensic results haven't come back on the vehicle yet.

Todd Stone said the real road block in the missing woman's investigation is lack of cooperation

"Here you don't have a body, so you don't know if it's a murder…you don't have a lot of clues that you would have if you had a body or something like that,” he said.
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