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Community saves stray dog with head stuck in plastic jug

Posted at 10:13 PM, Jun 10, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-10 22:13:02-04

MEMPHIS, Tn.--Dogs can get themselves into some serious predicaments, but a stray in Memphis strayed a little too far into a plastic jug and almost starved when she got stuck.  

A photo of the dog went out over Facebook, and animal lovers in Memphis acted.

"We have to get her,” said Beth Gresham, who rescued the dog. “She's doesn't have a whole lot of time with that over her head."

Beth Gresham took the photo after a friend spotted the pit bull mix in a wooded area off Interstate 41.  

The frightened dog ran back into the woods and Beth put out the alert on Facebook that read like this: "Plastic container is stuck over this baby's head. Cannot eat or drink."  

So, 10 to 20 people at a time went out searching. By late the next day, they spotted it.

"I seen him coming down pathway with the jug on his head,” said Chester Burns.

Burns said he had to corner the dog against a fence with his Jeep. Then, they used wire cutters to cut off the jar.

Then came the obvious part—picking a name for the recovered pooch.

People suggested Pickle, Jughead, and Astro, but since "she's an angel,” they named her Miracle. 

Jesse Sidle, an animal hospital vet tech, said that Miracle ate ravenously from the moment they got the jar off.  

Everything; dog food, cat food, a rotisserie chicken--Miracle was starving. "She was 27.7 pounds and she should be around 45 pounds, said Sidle.

The X-rays showed a broken pelvis and fractured jaw, she may have been hit by a car.  

"Somebody shot her with a BB gun down here,” said Sidle.

 But already Miracle has gained five pounds and is up for adoption.