Richmond cheers ‘Skins training camp decision but grandmother cheers even louder

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jun 06, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-07 14:48:21-04

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Even if you’re not a Redskins’ fan, you’ll be seeing plenty of burgundy and gold in the River City for the rest of this decade.  That’s news that has made the city coffers, and one grandmother, very happy.

In her Richmond driveway, you’ll find a burgundy Hyundai decked out with a ‘Skins sticker, and a pillow in the back seat with an “RGIII” news clipping.   "I'm proud,” says possibly the proudest grandma in town.  “It's wonderful."

It’s a car that will take “RG3G,” otherwise known as Juley Allen,  wherever she needs to go to see her Washington Redskins quarterback grandson Robert Griffin III.  She’s just happy that in July 2012 she’ll be able to save some gas money.  "I'll get off work every day to go see him," said Allen at her home Wednesday.

The mayor and governor announced Monday a virtual touchdown with a two-point conversion: for eight years the Washington Redskins will call Richmond their training camp home.  It brings an economic impact that experts say is almost instant.  "Leading up to their actual arrival, there will be tremendous economic opportunities for this city," said David Urban, the Executive Associate Dean at VCU’s School of Business.

Roads, lodging, services, and merchandise: business will be booming. "Clearly millions of dollars," said Urban.

‘Skins fans who feel that Fed Ex Field is too far to travel,  are now elated they can get their football fix close to home.   "We can go right around the corner and have an NFL team and have something to look forward to,” said Howard Emory.

Even Giants’ fans are cheering the city’s score.  "It's fantastic.  Richmond needs this,” said John Gervasio.  “I don't care what team it is.  I just love football."

Football is what they’ll be here for, but one grandmother is hoping for a little family time, too, saying RG3 can bring the boys over for some of grandma’s home cooking. "He can come over get some gumbo, red beans and rice, corn bread, said Allen.  “He'll be close for a homemade meal."

There is as of yet no official announcement about where the training facility will be, as the city of Richmond is still trying to nail down the details.  City Stadium and facilities at VCU have been mentioned as possibilities.  Experts say the revenue will be in the millions with a “prestige” impact beyond even that.

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