Police catch “Hansel and Gretel” crooks

Posted at 2:11 PM, Jun 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-04 14:12:57-04

LA MESA, Ca (WTVR) - California police had no trouble tracking down some thieves they say robbed a little league snack bar.

They did it using tactics straight out of a fairytale--that's because the crooks left a paper trail. Literally.

Police followed a trail of snack wrappers from the scene of the crime directly to the door of the alleged thieves. Inside, police say they found five people, a lot of snacks, and the missing cash register with money inside.

A similar trail of Doritos, cookies, and Oreos led police to a car parked near the home. Police believe it may belong to another suspect that might have fled the scene before police arrive.

"Searching the area, officers found similar snacks behind a vehicle parked just a couple of blocks from the park, contacted the owner of the vehicle and we're currently investigating and talking to several potential suspects," Sgt. Colin Atwood, a La Mesa Police Officer, said.

Some have dubbed the crime the Hansel and Gretel caper because of its similarities to the Grimm fairytale. Hansel and Gretel used a trail of bread crumbs to navigate their way back home through a mysterious forest.