An app that lets you choose your dreams to help you sleep better

Posted at 12:27 AM, Jun 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-03 00:47:19-04

(WTVR) - Most of us check our phones several times a day, but British psychologist is suggestion you sleep with your phone to get a better night's rest.

Richard Wiseman says he's developed an iPhone app called "Dream:ON" that allows people to choose their dreams before they go to bed.  You can also choose what time you want to wake up. says to put your phone on your bed and go to sleep. The app will then begin to monitor your sleeping patterns and play a "soundscape" to help create the dream you've chosen. While the sound is playing, the app will continue to monitor your movement and adjust the volume to make sure you don't wake up.

You could dream about anything you wanted, whether it be flying over a jungle, being on top of Mount Everest or walking the streets of Paris.

Jamie Bird wanted to dream about being a superhero.

"I was flying around in my Iron Man suit, and I was helping people as well," she said.  "I was saving old people.  I was really actually quite happy with myself."

Jamie is among thousands taking part in a world-wide experiment.  Dreamers report their results to Professor Wiseman each morning.  He says he's received 400,000 reports in two months.

As of right now, the app is only available for the iPhone. Click here to download the app and to find out more information.